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I absolutely never use this, and I cannot believe I’m posting about this, but I have to get something off of my chest before my head explodes.

Dear citizens of the internet,

'Being a bit weird' does not equate to hurting children. 'Looking kind of creepy' does not equate to hurting children. Engaging in 'kinky' or degrading sexual practices with other consenting adults does not equate to hurting children. So anyone who insists they 'always knew' needs to shut up, because you did not know, regardless of what you supposedly thought or heard. You did not know. And if you did know, then I can only presume you went to the relevant authorities. In that same vein, there’s nothing funny about any of this - there is nothing funny about the allegations, there is nothing funny about them if they’re true, there’s nothing funny about them if they’re false. Until court proceedings have taken place and delivered a verdict, I’m not here to say what that verdict should be. Irrespective of outcome, there’s nothing funny about all the lives that have been ruined, the people who have been hurt, and there’s certainly nothing even remotely funny about the inexpressibly vulnerable people who could have been hurt and who should be remembered above all. There’s nothing funny about the four or five other men whose lives and careers have been destroyed through no fault of their own, irreversibly and entirely. Over a decade of blood, sweat and tears that has comprised their lives and which will be quietly removed from history. The countless others whose lives have been, will be, or could have been ruined. There’s no moral high ground to stand on because you ‘never liked them anyway’ - you didn’t know about any of this, so your not liking them was based purely upon musical output, not a higher moral standing. Those of us who did like them, people who lived and loved them - queued for hours to see them, travelled for miles, wore their insignia, flew their flag, had their words tattooed on them, didn’t know either and are in no way complicit or somehow to be blamed. Those people have had something precious to them completely destroyed in a matter of seconds, and will live with that forever - and will be feeling enough without your ignorant input. Reserve your hatred and your anger for people who deserve it; people who commit vile acts and those who apologise for those who do. And do not - do NOT - fucking tag your hate posts with anyone else’s name. The inference then that anyone else is involved, or knew, is disgusting, and no one wants to see Sean’s name or anyone else’s dragged into a nightmare that was apparently very well hidden.

This is not a support post or a display of solidarity. This post stands in favour of nothing, but stands against immaturity and ignorance.

I’m just saying, if Kristen Stewart’s life and career are ruined by this bizarre cheating scandal while Chris Brown continues to make money, we have failed as a society and everyone should feel deeply ashamed of themselves. 

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